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The GAA is a volunteer organization whose mission is to encourage, support and actively contribute to the growth and continuing development al ALL Godwin Athletic programs.  We seek to develop camaraderie among our supporters and establish Godwin Athletics as the best program in the region.  We are comprised of parents, staff, alumni, administrators and coaches that support the GAA through volunteering, fundraising and financial support.  We fund equipment, supplies and other capital items to enhance the athletic experience for our students.  The GAA also awards 7-$1,000 scholarships to qualifying applicants each year. 

Whether you are a long-time supporter or considering your first membership, your support is VITAL for us to fulfill our mission.  We offer many ways to support the GAA...

  • Become a member of the GAA (multiple membership tiers available)

  • Advertise in the Fall, Winter and Spring sports program

  • Corporate Sponsorship

  • Attend monthly spirit nights at local restaurants

  • Participate/Attend the Annual Golf Tournament and Casino Night

Each High School Athletic department is responsible for funds to support ALL programs.  The Athletic department relies on funds generated from sales of student passes (these are separate from passes the GAA sells) and gate receipts to help fund Godwin Athletics.  Gate receipts from Footbll and Basketball play a big role in funding the Athletic Department.

This is where the GAA and your participation play a significant role in the progress and success of Eagle Athletics.  You can join online or by completing and mailing the membership form. 


What is a punch card, and can I buy more if I need them?

A punch card is valid for 10 admissions to REGULAR season home games. Additional punch cards can be purchased throughout the year.  Cost of entrance to a REGULAR season football game is $8.00 and entrance to all other REGULAR season sporting events is $6.00.

What is the difference between a Corporate Adult Sports Pass, an Adult Sports Pass, a VIP Adult Sports Pass and a Student Sports Pass?

All passes are valid for all regular season home sporting events. An Adult Sports Pass is in the name of an individual who is not a student at GHS and can be used by the bearer only. A VIP Adult Sports Pass is in the name of an individual who is not a student at GHS. The VIP Pass allows access for the member and one guest to each home event. A Student Sports Pass is included at the Diamond membership level only. All other Student Sports Passes can be purchased through the Activities Director at a cost of $100 each.


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