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The Godwin Athletic Association (GAA) a volunteer organization whose mission is to support, encourage and actively contribute to the growth and continuing development of the TOTAL athletic program at Mills E. Godwin by:

  • Maintaining close and open communication with the Athletic Department of the School, the School Administration and the PTSO Executive Board.

  • Maintaining communications as deemed advisable with the Henrico County School Board and the County Board of Supervisors.

  • Conducting fundraising activities.

  • Soliciting contributions of equipment, supplies, and funds, as well as time and talent from the community

  • Sponsoring appropriate social activities.

  • Developing a spirited, enthusiastic, and loyal attitude within the school and community.

  • Promoting good sportsmanship within a framework of agreesive, tenacious competition.

  • Actively participating in the maintenance and improvement of school facilities, both directly and indirectly associated with athletics. 


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